Employment centers in Calabria, the Calabrese councilor: “Examination of the new tools put in place by the Government and the Region”


By John

The regional councilor for employment and professional training policies, Giovanni Calabresetoday, at the Cittadella headquarters, he chaired the coordination of the Employment Centers and the meeting of the Regional Table for employment services and policies.

“A moment of discussion – said councilor Calabrese introducing the proceedings – between the Department and the directors for an examination of the performance of the Employment Centers in relation to all the new tools and active labor policies implemented by the Government and the Calabria Region.

Together with the director general of the Department of Labor and Welfare, Roberto CosentinoCalabrese met with the managers of the Employment Centers of Calabria.

“The Employment Center sector is experiencing a phase of transformation and innovation, both in structural terms and in the provision of services, which leads us to keep up with the times, pushing ourselves towards new approaches and methodologies, also developing and benefiting of the technological era. Investments in staff skills, infrastructure and the updating of technological work tools, new services and the professional qualification of operators are part of the extraordinary strengthening plan implemented and launched by the Calabria Region and which President Roberto Occhiuto with his council is following up with specific intervention measures”.

“The main objective – remarked Calabrese – is to standardize and network all the offices, maintaining continuous and profitable contact with the officials of each territory, allowing interoperability between the different centres, giving greater implementation to the platform of the Labor Information System (SIL), meeting point for job supply/demand matching. Among the priorities, therefore, there is orientation planning, supporting the GOL program, bringing the employment center ever closer to citizens and businesses for a new conception of labor market and professional training policies”.

Opportunities and new strategies for the labor market were also discussed at the regional table where the Calabrese councilor, meeting the parties involved, expressed his opinion on the new way of conceiving and acting on active policies. He also initiated a discussion to think about the regulation and the preparatory actions to guide the definition of the measures implemented.

On the agenda is the sharing of the structure of Pr 21-27 (in reference to labor policies) and more specifically of the “Regional plan for active labor, skills and inclusion policies” and the presentation of the strategic lines.

By defining and sharing a regional plan of active labor and skills policies, the table aims to provide a systematic and coherent framework of initiatives dedicated to work that the Region intends to implement to promote quality employment, of young people and women in particular .

“It is the tool – specified Calabrese – to define the strategic objectives towards which to direct the available resources and to carry out the urgent and structural interventions necessary to restore impetus to the work and economy of the Region”.

The manager of INPS Calabria took part in the table, Alexander Docimusthe manager of Inail Calabria, Vincenzo Amaddeo, for Anpal services Calabria, Michele Raccuglia, the official Lorenzo Procopio for the Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro, Crotone and Vibo, the general director of the regional school office, Antonella Iuntithe president of the Provincial Council of Labor Consultants Calabria, Flaviana Tuzzothe Regional Councilor for Equality, Antonietta Stumpo, in connection with the Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Calabria the delegate of the president Tramontana, Marina Creathe general director of Unindustria Calabria, Dario Lamanna.

The Participants, in addition to contributing to validating the lines of intervention, discussed measures on workplace safety, training, apprenticeships and equal opportunities policies.