End of year analysis by Fiorita, Abramo: let’s discuss ourselves publicly so that Catanzaro knows the truth


By John

«Nicola Fiorita “gifts” to the city the balance of the activity carried out up to this moment. He does so by involving the world of cinema and that of art, but forgetting to mention the comic genre that most appropriately characterizes the long analysis presented. If Fiorita has removed the City from the “torpor into which it had fallen and from the widespread sense of resignation”, a question arises spontaneously. Why do even those who didn’t support me stop me in the streets today and offer me appreciation and affection?” The former mayor of Catanzaro stated this in a note, Sergio Abrahamafter the mayor’s end-of-year budget Nicola Fiorita.

«As regards, however, the “mountain of debts and disputes left behind” I made myself available, some time ago, to make a public clarification – highlighted Abramo – so that everyone could get a real idea of ​​the situation, but my successor never wanted to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to prove me wrong if he had had the content and the competence to do so. Continuing to tell lies is not a very Christmassy attitude, given the period, and I also wonder how it is possible organize New Year’s Eve or think of giving large sums of money to associations if the Municipality is covered in debt. The mayor’s thirty points, which are not about 80% from the mayor, begin with a moment of imagination to continue with several other moments that make one’s skin crawl, while what temporarily falls within the activity of the new Administration (e.g. stadium and seafront repair) was possible to achieve through the funding obtained thanks to the commitment of the President of the Regional Council Filippo Mancuso”.

«I won’t go into further details – concluded Abramo – because some exaggerations speak for themselves and there is no need for me to commit myself to clarifying a situation that has become surreal, but I remain willingly available to publicly clarify the genesis of the points that magically changed authorship. I apologize if every now and then I am forced to make these outings, but I reiterate that one cannot remain silent when what one reads or listens to is too much to be tolerated with the usual education that distinguishes me. I simply wish my city and my citizens a happy year. I embrace you all with unchanged and infinite affection.”