Pedophilia, two hundred names linked to millionaire Epstein soon published: Bill Clinton is also there


By John

Nearly two hundred names linked to the millionaire accused of pedophilia Jeffrey Epstein, who died in prison in 2019, should be made public in the next few hours by a New York judge. The deadline within which the lawyers of the parties involved would have had to lodge an objection to the publication of the identities expired today, almost nine years after the case opened by the statements of Virginia Giuffre, the former girl from Epstein’s harem, who spoke about the sexual trafficking of minors.
Attention was also focused on the names of the people who had frequented the “harem” and remained largely protected by anonymity. Among the famous people was Prince Andrew, accused by Giuffre of sexual violence and who decided to close the case, agreeing to a compensation of twelve million dollars.
According to ANC News, one of the names included in the list, and indicated as “Doe 36” – Doe is the equivalent of Mr. Bianchi for American justice – would be the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton. Giuffre had called him into question, even without attributing illegal conduct to him, but had reminded the investigators that Clinton was also among the frequenters of Epstein’s residences, between the one in Florida and the one in the Virgin Islands.
The former president’s name was mentioned for the first time in 2002, but a Clinton spokesperson clarified that the friendship with Epstein was limited only to the philanthropic activities in which the New York millionaire had participated.