Enel and the police on the hunt for illegal connections in Reggino, rain of complaints: damage worth 400 thousand euros discovered


By John

As part of the memorandum of understanding between the Carabinieri and ENEL with the aim of strengthening knowledge on the subject of corporate security and in the areas of prevention and combating illegality, protection of the environment and the territory, the Carabinieri in recent days it has carried out several targeted checks, aimed at combating the phenomenon of electricity theft. In particular:

In Stignano and Mammolathe Carabinieri of the local stations released a woman and a man in a state of freedom, as they were caught inside their respective homes with illegal connections to the electricity grid.

-In Motta San Giovanni, the military arrested a 36-year-old local man after he was caught inside his business with an illegal connection to the electricity grid. The man was placed under house arrest and made available to the Judicial Authority.

-In Placanica instead, the soldiers of the local station referred a person to the Judicial Authority because he had created an illegal connection directly to the electricity grid in his home;

-In Roccella Jonica, the military personnel reported the Sole Director of a catering business because, following an inspection at the aforementioned restaurant, an illegal connection to the electricity grid was found;

-A Camini, the Carabinieri of the Riace station, in two separate checks, referred a man and two spouses to the Locrian Judicial Authority because, on these two occasions too, the illegal connection to the electricity grid was ascertained by damaging the meter;

-To Caulonia, the carabinieri of the local station together with their colleagues from the Stignano station, released two men into custody because they were caught with an illegal connection at their respective homes. On this occasion the economic damage was quantified at approximately 30 thousand euros;

-Finally in Reggio Calabria, the soldiers of the local company, reported 6 people accused of theft of electricity in the Arghillà district. The men were caught with an illegal connection to the electricity grid by damaging the caps of the meters. The military’s guard remains high in the specific sector of electricity theft. Carabinieri checks in recent days have revealed economic damage of around 400 thousand euros. Controls will continue across the entire province of Reggio, thanks also to the Carabinieri stations which, with their widespread distribution throughout the province of Reggio, carry out careful and meticulous control of the territory.