“Entrepreneurs for the Common Good” Award: Gaetano Giunta, “father” of the MeSSInA Foundation, wins


By John

Friday 24 November, as part of the XIII Festival of Social Doctrine of Verona organized by the Segni Nuovi Foundation, the “Entrepreneurs for the Common Good” award will be awarded to Gaetano Giunta, who heads the MeSSInA Foundation. As the organizers explain, the prize is awarded every year «to entrepreneurs who have never limited themselves to seeking only the economic return of their business but have imagined a positive future and they contributed to building it by creating concrete works and activities that combine market, sustainability, profit and solidarity.” A prestigious recognition for a work that Giunta has been implementing for over twenty years now, aiming to build, in Messina and beyond, real sustainable development policies on a human, social and economic level, which allow the weakest groups in particular of the population and to the most marginal and peripheral territories, to fully realize their citizenship rights and to build or relaunch their autonomy. In the name of combating inequalities and climate change.

A strategy that, over time, has brought the organizations to which it has given life, starting from Horcynus Orca Foundation and the Messina Foundation, to support 200 social green businesses, including some regenerated by workers (such as the Messina Brewery and the Pattesi Ceramics, successful workers buyouts supported by the Foundation itself); to the creation and defense of around 600 jobs, many of which for people in fragile conditions; at the direction of the Capacity urban redevelopment programme, led by the Municipality of Messina, which led to the overcoming of two of the largest slums in the city, allowing 650 people to choose a house and a little less than half to buy it and supporting the escape from illegal work. And which, in recent times, has led to the launch of a sustainable human development plan in Roccavaldina, around the creation of a research, training and industrial production center for new bioplastics from the waste threshes of the Messina Brewery. A hub defined as “Olivettian” because the aim of the company will not just be to make a profit – which will also be invested for the development of the territory – but also to “produce” communities. All this while always paying particular attention to combating educational poverty. Now in its thirteenth edition, the Festival of Social Doctrine is a highly anticipated national event which over time has seen the participation of numerous personalities with different sensitivity and action, but united by the desire to participate in the construction of the Common Good. This year it is entitled “#soci@amente libera” and will have the theme of social relations at the center of its discussion. It has always been a place of discussion between Catholics involved in work, social work and public responsibilities. It will take place from 24 to 26 November at Verona Fiere and will consist of over 14 panels dedicated to education and scientific research, entrepreneurship and sport.