European. Castelli: “De Luca leadership confirmed in Sicily among opposition leaders”.


By John

“We were aware from the beginning that this electoral competition would be difficult. As we are used to doing, we went it alone, challenging the system. A system that in recent months has overshadowed, mocked and hindered us. Indeed, this Government, in order to stop us, has tried to change the rules of the game after games have already begun. The signature collection threshold has been changed twice. Only the intervention of President Sergio Mattarella defended democracy” comments Laura Castelli, president of South calls North.

“In this climate we have carried forward our message of Freedom. The result obtained today at a national level was not a given. We want to say thank you to the 300 thousand Italians who chose Freedom. This election was strongly influenced by media exposure. We were overshadowed in the media, we had to report the situation to AGCOM. In national competitions, the opinion vote, which is conveyed through the media, makes the difference. Our project and its brand began in mid-March responsibility to build an innovation and, for everything, we have always been marathon runners, as demonstrated by the Sicilian revolution of 2012 with 1% and then in 2022 with 25%. It would have been easier to just watch, but Cateno De Luca he has always accustomed us to get on the pitch and show our face. This innovative project will continue. Continue in a confederal project with those who have been most representative. We are satisfied to be able to say that the leader Cateno De Luca has obtained the greatest number of votes in Sicily compared to the leaders of the regional opposition parties. We say this because we already read comments from opposition parties who think they can use this vote to gain leadership they don't have. Sicily must be freed from a clientelistic vote and from the malfeasance that still manages important issues for all Sicilians: healthcare, water, waste. Analyzing the data of Messina and the Province, it clearly emerges that we are the leading political force. Demonstrating the fact that where we administer, we are rewarded by the trust of the citizens. The good administration model launched by Cateno De Luca works. Where we administer we have been rewarded by the consensus of the voters. Now it will be our task to make this project grow more and more, looking ahead to the next electoral competitions.”