European elections, Nocera and the appeal to young people: “It will be a great moment of democratic participation”


By John

“Today we are faced with a fundamental opportunity to shape the future of Europe, to give voice to our common hopes, concerns and aspirations. The European elections are not just a time to cast a vote, they are the very essence of our active participation in European democracy“. This is what he states in a note Francesco Luigi Nocera, a young graduate in Political Science and with already important experience behind him in the political circuit of the European institutions in Brussels.

Nocera was selected in the European Solidarity Youth Corps as a representative of the association Calab 5.0. It is a project made “by young people, for young people”, which was born spontaneously by bringing together those children of Calabria who do not want to resign themselves to mediocrity and staticity and intend to raise their gaze beyond the borders, starting from the visceral love for own land but looking without blinders at Europe, where valid examples of development policies and adequate discussion tables can be found.

“At a time when Europe faces unprecedented challenges – whether economic, social, environmental or geopolitical – it is more important than ever that each of us stands up and takes part in the debate, the discussion and, above all, the Decisions made at European level have a tangible impact on our daily lives: from the environment we live in, to the work we do, to the quality of the services we receive.

Yet, too often – underlines Nocera – the European Union is seen as distant, bureaucratic, distant from citizens' concerns. But it is precisely through our active commitment, through our participation in the European elections, that we can change this perception. We can transform Europe from an abstract reality to an entity with which we fully identify, which responds to our needs and ambitions.

Every vote counts, every voice has weight. We must not let just a few decide for the many. We, the citizens of Europe, must shape the destiny of our continent. The European elections are an opportunity to make our voices heard, to say who we are and what we want for our common future.

So today I invite you: don't stand by and watch, don't stay on the sidelines. Actively participate in the democratic process, inform yourself, discuss, and above all vote. Vote for a Europe that reflects our values ​​of freedom, democracy, solidarity and justice.

The future of Europe is in our hands. Let's not let it be written by others. Let's take part in the change, with courage, with determination, with hope. Because together we can build a better, stronger, more united Europe.”