Rosarno, attacks the police after being found driving a motorbike without a license or insurance: arrested


By John

On the morning of March 27, 2024, the State Police Agents of the PS Gioia Tauro Commissariat, during the Territory Control Service on State Road 18 of the Municipality of Rosarno (RC), proceeded to check a subject of African origins, already known to the police, whichand was traveling with a motor vehicle without the required insurance coverage and without a driving license as he had never obtained it.
Subsequently, in proceeding with the necessary complaints to the Highway Code, the workers were attacked by the incandescent subject, first with insults and then with violent kicks and punches.
The Agents, despite several vain attempts to talk to the subject in order to reassure him and invite him to adopt suitable behaviour, found themselves with great difficulty in having to contain the man with a vigorously robust build in the throes of great ferocity.
Despite the difficulties, the Officers managed to contain the subject who, once secured inside the service car, continued to struggle in such a way as to damage part of the passenger compartment and bodywork of the car.
The man, a repeat offender in committing such gestures, was arrested for the crimes of Violence and Resistance to a Public Official and reported in a state of freedom for damaging the property of the State and made available to the Judicial Authority.