Expensive flights for the Christmas holidays, tickets 841 percent more expensive for Lamezia


By John

Flying at Christmas, or not! Flight prices for the holiday period have skyrocketed. And the international airport of Lamezia is no exception either, recording percentage increases of up to 841 percent.
The “price increase table” was drawn up by Altroconsumo, the national organization which aims to inform and protect consumers and which compared the costs of flights in two very specific periods: from 23 December to 2 January and from 13 to 23 January 2024. The acronym that publishes a magazine has taken into consideration eight national routes with relative round trip. On average the price difference between the two periods is 301 percent. In practice, a return air trip for the Christmas holidays costs on average 288 euros, compared to 72 euros for a trip in mid-January. Specifically, as far as Calabria is concerned, the Lamezo airport (during the Christmas period) sees the price of tickets grow exponentially. A Milan – Lamezia flight during the holidays costs 448 euros, while in the low season it can also be found for 48 euros. Also during the holiday period, the ticket for a Rome-Lamezia flight costs 354 euros, while for the next half of January the price stands at 119 euros (197 percent more). For many Calabrians who decide to return for the Christmas holidays, a flight costs almost a third (for some even more) of an average salary.