Expensive petrol, Conte attacks Meloni: “Italians on their last legs. Only promises on the cut of excise duties”


By John

«There is an account that calls into play the inertia and direct responsibility of our prime minister, who for this reason deserves the strongest criticism. It is an account – writes the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte in a long post on Facebook – which grows day after day and weighs on the shoulders of the Italians. I am addressing you directly, President Meloni: the citizens are on their last legs due to the bloodletting imposed on them by the high price of petrol. We are certainly not talking about a dinner to run away, but about 2 billion in extra revenue set aside by your government between the busiest days of leaving and returning from vacation. A treasure accumulated thanks to VAT and excise duties on fuel which, if calculated since the beginning of the year, is estimated at around 4 billion euros. Together with the high cost of living, citizens’ savings are being eaten up: hotels and restaurants are registering staggering increases and there are many families who have been forced to give up their holidays to make ends meet, despite having already tightened their belts. Many of the families who leave are forced to do without the beauties of our country and reluctantly choose less expensive destinations – such as Albania, where you have been a guest in recent days. President Meloni, dear Giorgia: the crisis bites and the Italians bite the brakes. Don’t stay focused on paying the 80 euros to the Albanian restaurateur, a good gesture to show off on the covers of the magazines, but of no use to give oxygen to the Italians’ accounts. Think of this unworthy loot taken from the wallets of Italians, of the promises shouted during the electoral campaign regarding excise taxes on fuel ». The M5s leader Giuseppe Conte writes it in a long post on Facebook.