In Messina a great Massimo Ranieri with his show “All dreams still in flight”


By John

The eternal street urchin with a powerful voice and a true demeanor arrived tonight at the Arena Capo Peloro with the tour of “All dreams still in flight” (from the latest album which also gives the title to the variety show in two episodes proposed in recent months on Rai1) for “Messina. City of music and events”. Massimo Ranieri brings the dream on stage by opening with a monologue on the importance of dreaming, at any age and in any situation. “I realized my dream in 1964, when I first entered the stage,” he said. A dream that still continues, with today’s successes, supported by a verve that belies its age. A heartfelt thanks to the population of Torre Farò, before opening with “Twenty years” and “Mia reason”.

A start that started a journey between notes and words, monologues and songs, in which the artist alternated his great successes – such as “Se brusse la città”, “You will find me”, “Rose rosse” and “Perdere love” – to the songs from the last album, signed by singer-songwriters such as Pino Donaggio, Ivano Fossati, Giuliano Sangiorgi (there is also an unreleased by Bruno Lauzi). Also in the lineup are Neapolitan classics such as “Resta cu’ mme” (Dominic Modugno), “Pigliate ‘na pill” (Renato Carosone) and “Red Moon”. To accompany him Seby Burgio (piano), Joan Perna (keyboards and vocals), Pierpaolo Ranieri (Bass), Luke Troll (drums), Arnaldo Vacca (percussion). They complete the band Andrew Pistilli And Tony Puja on guitars, Valentina Pinto (violin and voice), Max Filosi (woodwinds and sax) e Christian Polegri (sax and voice). Conceived and written by Edward Falcone with Ranieri, the show is organized by Puntoeacapo, Shake it, the Box Office and GG Entertainement, in collaboration with the Municipality of Messina.