Far-right majority fades, Le Pen furious: the poll


By John

Grotesque“: four days after the second round of early political electionsMarine Le Pen attacks the so-called Republican Frontthe agreement resurrected at the photo finish by macronians, left And moderate right to avoid the possibility that the National Rally could come to power in the second largest economy in the worldEuropean Union. A strategy, that of the anti-far right withdrawalswhich however seems to be very effective. The latest survey Harris sees the Rn to distance itself from the absolute majority, and by a lot: the party of Le Pen and the candidate for prime minister Jordan Bardella should obtain between 190 and 220 seats in Sunday’s run-off, far from the 289 needed. While the other two coalitions that have agreed on the republican barrier take advantage of the situation: the New Popular Front of the left would obtain between 159 and 183 seats; while Ensemblethe arch of Macronist parties, would win 110-135 deputies, a heavy defeat in any case, with a decrease of almost half of the seats. Republicans there should be between 30 and 50 seats, a good result considering the split of Eric Ciottiwho switched to supporting the Rn.

“The political class gives an increasingly grotesque image of itself,” he thundered in a message published on X Marine Le Pen, evidently furious that the Republican arch could snatch a victory that she already felt was in her pocket. In final rushthe political landscape across the Alps appears more unpredictable than ever: once the obstacle of withdrawals has been overcome – there were 218 candidates of different political colours who agreed to withdraw from the triangular elections in an anti-Le Pen function – the puzzle of an anti-RN coalition remains, which is practically untraceable, in a country which is also little inclined to the culture of compromise. «We will not govern with Unsubdued Francea desistance does not mean a coalition”, he warned during the last cabinet meeting of this government Emmanuel Macronreturning to draw his red line with respect to an executive with the party of Mélenchonthe most radical wing of the Nouveau Front Populaire, considered by Macronians to be at least as dangerous as the RN. The Prime Minister is on the same line Gabriel Attal – responsible for the campaign of the outgoing majority -, increasingly oriented towards a solution to be found “in Parliament“: «Neither France Insoumise, nor the New Popular Front, nor our candidates – said the Prime Minister – are capable of forming an absolute majority. At the end of the second round, either there will be a far-right government or power will pass to Parliament. I am fighting for this second scenario».

A kind of national union governmentin short, on which the Mélenchon dilemma remains. After all, it was the same leader Insoumis who said that “only two projects are on the table, the Rassemblement National or the New Popular Front”, putting the Macronians in a corner. Interviewed by The Figarofor his part Bardella denounced anti-Rn alliances destined to “paralyze the country” on the eve of the Paris Olympicssaying he was “ready to reach out” to expand his majority. Today, the twenty-eight-year-old tried to downplay the impact of the revelations about some unpresentable candidates, including pro-Nazis, racists and anti-Semites, but also a seventy-year-old convicted in 1995 for a hostage-taking at gunpoint. “When there are black sheep, I don’t hesitate,” the politician of Italian origins assured, evoking the withdrawal of the most embarrassing candidacies for his party.

If they manage to stop the Le Penist advance, Macronians, leftists and some elected Republicans could have the difficult task of forming a technical governmentbased on a grand coalition. Familiar concepts in large European countries such as Italy or Germany but virtually unknown in Fifth Republic French, traditionally not inclined to broad agreements. The environmentalist leader, Marine Tondelieramong the rising figures of these days and member of the Nouveau Front Populaire, summed up the situation in a formula: «We must do things that no one has ever done before». While the former Prime Minister Edouard Philippeamong the leading figures of the moderate centre-right, went so far as to announce that he would vote for a communist candidate, whose “democratic commitment” he respects, in order to stop the Le Penist far right.