Reggina, fans await concrete announcements


By John

It has not been a week of great shocks for the future of Reggina. Even those who have been there have gone unnoticed for choices to decipher, albeit within the scope of a communication strategy that for weeks now has been marked by silence and the sole certification of facts.
A reasonable choice in many areas, but perhaps not entirely appropriate in a place that does not have the limited information needs of a small provincial town that can make do with the little information that is conveyed in a non-media environment like Serie D.
The news of the week comes from that post by the patron Ballarino on June 26. «The notary – he wrote – has decreed the return of Reggina». A check of the VAT number on the website of the Revenue Agency allowed us to note how the company has changed its name from Asd La Fenice Reggio Calabria to AS Reggina 1914 Asd. A transition made possible thanks to the acquisition of the Reggina 1914 brand which took place in recent weeks.
The paradox is that this is music to the ears of the fans, which elsewhere has been “played” with an official press release and spread on the company’s social media. As happened, for example, on the Clivese website, which happily announced that it had become AC Chievo Verona.
The only explanation is that, in the case of the Amaranth, they want to wait for the definitive ratification of the name change, through the request to be presented to the football institutions by July 15th. It will be the last step before Reggina’s definitive and hopefully long-lasting return.
For a company that does not speak, there are instead market rumors that are continuous and insistent. There are already dozens of names of footballers linked to the amaranto club, some of whom end up settling elsewhere. The risk is that the message gets across that players never treated end up becoming “faded targets”. Almost as if the club had no appeal or economic potential to compete with less famous teams.
And it’s almost less newsworthy that Reggina has practically closed on Laaribi and Malara, two deals that have also arrived this week as it draws to a close. The first was wanted by several Serie C teams, instead he is now one step away from returning to the team he supports having grown up in the province of Reggio Calabria. The left back was born in Reggio and trained at Sant’Agata, an important reinforcement being an under 2005 who already has a high level championship in Serie D behind him.
The announcements and the next moves should give a new boost to the enthusiasm of the square. Today the risk is that the small aura of positivity that was created after the purchase of the brand tends to vanish. The good news is that, starting tomorrow, the club will have the opportunity to let the facts speak for themselves (perhaps exactly as they hoped), also leaving behind this apparently interlocutory phase in which there is also a lot of space for readings animated by subjective thoughts.
Also because, beyond the intermediate steps on which there is always room for discussion, the only thing that matters is to arrive first in the next championship. And it will be the finish line, reached or not, that will tell if the end will have justified the means.