First the quarrel in a bar then the manhunt and the shooting: a 27-year-old in the Vibonese area was injured


By John

First the argument, then the manhunt, finally the shooting. It was a busy Christmas night in Sorianello, a small town in the Preserre area of ​​Vibo. A 27-year-old man was injured in the calf, presumably Argentine, who was treated in the emergency room of the Vibo hospital. The shooting had a prologue shortly before, around midnight: the victim was inside a bar in the town when an argument arose, apparently for trivial reasons, with a local person.

Tempers overheated and a heated argument arose, probably resulting in physical aggression. At that point the foreigner left the premises and the situation seemed to have returned to normal. But it wasn’t like that. On the part of the perpetrator of the wounding, based on what was possible to learn from investigative sources, a real manhunt would have been started in which other acquaintances of the former also took part, which ended when the 27-year-old was identified at the own home. It is not yet clear whether he was lured out with an excuse or the small group broke into the club. At least one gunshot was fired which hit the young man in the calf, perhaps while he was fleeing having sensed the danger. At that point, the alleged perpetrator and his companions quickly disappeared. The sound of the shot and the victim’s screams triggered the alarm. And while the young man was transported to the Vibo hospital, the station carabinieri, assisted by their colleagues from Serra San Bruno, started investigations by reconstructing what happened. According to what transpires, the perpetrator of the gesture could be identified shortly. And so, while almost all the people celebrated Christmas cheerfully and with their families, a new serious episode occurred in Sorianello which arose, as often happens, from trivial arguments. And even more worrying is the ease with which weapons are found and used, despite continuous checks by the police.