He goes into a rage and injures a man, the alarm raised by the Lamezia Police


By John

Maximum solidarity with our colleagues at the Polfer of Lamezia Terme who, despite working in uncomfortable and precarious conditions, know how to ensure that indispensable level of safety absolutely necessary to allow citizens’ rail mobility. Even at the expense of one’s personal safety.” This is how he begins Rocco Morelli, Provincial General Secretary of the FSP State Police union, called to comment on the unfortunate news event that occurred last night at the fundamental Calabrian railway station of Lamezia Terme. The police, in fact, alarmed by the travelers in transit, tried to stop a foreign citizen who, shortly before, had damaged a car parked in front of the airport and was about to attack a person, injuring his hand with a nail. The prevention work of the Polfer in particular – says Rocco Morelli – but of the entire security apparatus in general, is fundamental to ensuring civil coexistence and the implementation of the most elementary freedoms of the citizen such as that of mobility which must be exercised in absolute tranquility and serenity. We therefore share our pride with our colleagues and our particular closeness to our injured colleague, with the hope that attention towards the actions of our colleagues will always be maximum both in public opinion and in the institutional ganglia”.

The solidarity of the SAP: “An unworthy sport. We demand adequate equipment”

The last violent physical attack, in chronological order, perpetrated against some policemen of the Lametina Polfer dates back to late afternoon yesterday, which follows the numerous and repeated similar demonstrations which are full of the news not only at a local level but even throughout the national territory, for what now seems to have become an unworthy national sport.

Once again, in the Lamezia Terme Centrale railway station, yesterday afternoon, an immigrant, without identification documents and in a clear state of alteration and without any reason, lashed out, with unprecedented and inexplicable violence, after having railed against a vehicle and its occupants, damaging it, the operators who were carrying out the normal shift of duty, who at the end of the fight, despite the injuries reported and reported, still managed to immobilize and arrest the agitated man avoiding more serious consequences, despite the operational difficulties encountered.

In this regard, Sergio Riga, Provincial Secretary of the SAP (Autonomous Police Union) of Catanzaro, expresses unconditional solidarity with his injured colleagues, wishing him a speedy recovery and compliments the professionalism, competence and coldness demonstrated once again in dealing with, adequately contain and manage the difficult and complicated situation that has arisen.

The SAP strongly requests an incisive and decisive intervention useful to replenish the now insufficient staff of all the police stations in the Lamezia Terme area, almost halved due to staff mobility and not replaced, as well as recent retirements. The SAP, consistently with its historic trade union battle, today more than ever demands for all policemen adequate equipment (Taser gun, pepper spray and cut-resistant vests), functional guarantees and the provision of clear rules so that staff know the limits within which to act with the use of force to guarantee safety and prevent crimes of every order and degree.