Former Reggio Citrus Fair, Catalano: «False and biased accusations from Marcianò»


By John

From the lawyer Marco Gentile we receive the following communication:
«I’m Mr. Herbert Catalano, owner of the company awarded the contract for the “redevelopment of the former Citrus Fair”. I read the article published by your newspaper and, with immense amazement and surprise, I learned what councilor Angela Marcianò had done. Given the defamatory post aimed mainly at the administration and, consequently, also at my company, I must dispute everything stated because it is false and biased.
In particular, I would like to point out that the former Citrus Fair, on the date of delivery of the works (Friday 12/1/24) was infested with vegetation and, as its first activity, the company managed by me proceeded with the construction of the area (preparation of fences, signs as well as external cleaning and grass mowing) the following Monday, i.e. January 15th
From the first access to the construction site, as stated by the opposition councilor, the massive presence of asbestos did not emerge, given that a large part of the area of ​​the former citrus trade fair is not built on and the activity of my company took place exclusively outside the structures (of which only one, visible, presumably appears to have been built with a ceiling partly made of asbestos cement, of which however it will still be necessary to carry out construction work before being able to say this with certainty).
I would also like to point out that the video and photos on behalf of councilor Marcianò were taken on January 17th at 2pm, therefore only after 2 working days when the large area subject to intervention had not yet been entirely delimited. I can well understand the role play that today sees councilor Marcianò raging against the administration to gain electoral benefits, but I cannot justify the aggression towards those who make pride in their work.
Claiming that the companies that carry out the work receive “handouts” is highly detrimental to dignity and professionalism as well as contrary to my and my company’s ethical principles. My company works throughout Italy with the public and private sectors due to its high professionalism (with staff mostly of Reggio origin and with cutting-edge machinery) and the councilor’s statement of receiving donations, in addition to being false, is highly harmful to my image and that of my company, so I will take steps to protect myself in the appropriate places.”