Forza Italia strengthens in Calabria: the mayor of Fuscaldo, Giacomo Middea, also joins the Azzurri family


By John

The mayor of Fuscaldo, Giacomo Middea, has officially joined Forza Italia. The announcement came during an initiative held in the representative hall of the municipal delegation of the Navy, in the presence of a large audience and the provincial coordinator of the blue party, as well as regional councilor, Gianluca Gallo.

«We feel the need – explained Middea – to return to politics, to parties, to put a soul in the path of each of us. And this is why, consistently with what have always been my ideals, today I formally rejoined Forza Italia, a party that in essence I have never abandoned.” A choice of field which, as the mayor added, «together with many friends, we have also and above all made to give greater strength to our territory, within the regional and national Government, of which Forza Italia is an integral and I thank the provincial coordination of the party, in the person of the regional councilor Gianluca Gallo, for the welcome and for never failing to provide me with concrete input and support.» For his part, Gianluca Gallo wanted to express his satisfaction with Middea’s choice, recalling his bond with Fuscaldo. «It was 1990 when a provincial congress of my party was held here, in which I took part. And today I am here again to welcome the mayor of this splendid and important community into our political family and I am even happier to see, in this room, blue exponents of the neighboring municipalities, demonstrating the fact that, on the Tyrrhenian coast of Cosenza, we create a network and this can only be a good sign for the entire district which, unfortunately, during the last regional elections did not have a representative within Palazzo Campanella”.

Finally, a reflection on Forza Italia: “After the death of President Berlusconi they thought we were finished. But no. We are present in the territory, in the institutions, in the national and regional government and, in Calabria, thanks also and above all to the excellent work of our governor Roberto Occhiuto, we manage to maintain great trust on the part of the electorate and the support of a mayor active and dynamic like Giacomo Middea gives us even more energy and strength in continuing our project and political path.”