France, Macron dissolves Parliament and calls new elections after Marine Le Pen's exploits: the ultra-right at 32%


By John

The French president Emmanuel Macron took the floor to announce – immediately after the announcement of the results of the European elections – the dissolution of Parliament and the calling of new elections on 30 June and 7 July.

«I have decided to give you back the choice of your future parliamentarian. It is a serious, heavy decision, but above all it is an act of trust” said Macron in a speech to the Nation after his party's harsh defeat in the European elections. «This is better than all agreements, than all precarious solutions. Trust in France, to shape the future and not retreat. I have listened to the message and I will not leave it unanswered” the president said in a serious tone. «France needs a clear, serene and unanimous majority. Being French fundamentally means choosing to write history rather than suffer it,” added Macron.

Macron's decision comes after Marine Le Pen's sensational result. “With the RN ranking above 32%, the French have just given us the highest score of any party in 40 years.” Marine Le Pen declared it. “We are ready to take power” he also added. “The vote of the French is final: the president, responding to Jordan Bardella's appeal, has just announced the return of the French to the polls in a few weeks”, continued the leader, adding that he “welcomed” the dissolution. “We are ready to exercise power, ready to put an end to this mass immigration, to make purchasing power a priority, ready to revive France,” she said.