Giorgetti ready to leave the government? The minister denies: “I have work to do, I'm not going to Brussels”


By John

Is it true that Giancarlo Giorgetti is thinking of resigning? «Fantasies». Thus the Northern League secretary Matteo Salvini to “Agorà”. «The problem with certain Italian press is that it superimposes its own desires on reality. Giorgetti is defending the savings of Italians”, he cut short.

The newspaper La Repubblica dropped the “bomb” on Giorgetti with a headline that reads as follows: “Giorgetti says goodbye. “Prepare to do without me”.

Giancarlo Giorgetti has been the Minister of Economy of the Meloni government since September 2022. The representative of the League has repeatedly warned allies and government representatives about the reality of public finances, characterized in this last period of time by the “cleaver” of superbonus.

Giorgetti: “I have work to do, I'm not going to Brussels”

«Evidently they confused Republic Day with La Repubblica Day and were a bit excited about that… As for me, I continue to do my job as always, I'm already thinking about the structural plan and I have a project in mind accurate. Five years ago I already clarified what I think about European assignments and I haven't changed my mind.” This was declared by the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti when asked about the possibility of his resignation in view of a position in Brussels.

Zanella (AVS): “The rumors of Giorgetti's escape certify the disaster”

«The rumors about Minister Giorgetti and his plan to escape to Europe, in fact confirmed by Minister Tajani who indicates him as a “popable” EU commissioner together with Raffaele Fitto, demonstrate that a great escape from responsibility is being prepared for him. The disaster of the Meloni government is in the homes of Italians: stagnating wages, skyrocketing inflation, collapsing welfare state, announced cuts and other foreseeable ones. Giorgetti's bad mood is understandable: he doesn't want to expose all this bad government.” Thus the group leader of the Green and Left Alliance in the Chamber Luana Zanella