Francesca Deidda’s disappearance, body searched. Brother’s post to brother-in-law: “Tell the truth”


By John

He reiterates his innocence, continues to repeat that it was a separation volunteerthat the wife took a period of reflection. But for the PM Marco Cocco hey carabinieri, Igor Sollai, truck driver 43 years old, in prison for aggravated voluntary homicide And concealment of a corpseis not telling the truth. According to the investigators he was the one who killed his wife, Francesca Deiddaaged 42, then hid the body and for weeks he impersonated her using his mobile phone to respond to messages from friends, relatives and co-workers and convince them that she was still alive.

THE carabinieri will start right from latest signs of that cell phone, never found, to start the research of the body of the woman who disappeared from her home in May Saint Hopea small town in southern Sardinia about twenty kilometers from Cagliari. In the next few hours a large raid will be organized in which the following will be involved: Hunters of Sardiniathe military of the Iglesias Companycolleagues of the Investigative unit of the provincial command of Cagliari, the fire fighters and the Civil protection.

The research they will concentrate in the places where the cell has been activated mobile phone Of Francesca. At the same time, the following will be launched: investigations inside the couple’s home, at number 135B of via Monastirin San Sperate, currently under seizure like the cars. Specialists from the Rice from Cagliari with any experts appointed by the defense attorneys, Carlo Demurtas And Laura Pirarba. I legal they have announced that they have already started their investigations: «We have given orders for some technical checks and investigations in order to prepare for a second interrogation which I swayed – announces to theANSA Demurtas – will undergo next week.”

In the meantime, today a social appeal was launched by the brother of the alleged femicide Francesca, Andrea Deidda: “We hope that he will have the mercy to tell us the truth and stop denying the evidence”. “In these very long weeks – he writes – I have had to limit the spread of the news and avoid any kind of appeal to best facilitate the work of the Carabinieri whom I have always trusted and will continue to trust blindly”. Then he explains the doubts that led him to file the missing person report, on May 30th: “We immediately understood that it was not a question of estrangement, but of something more serious”.

Among elements that they brought to prison I swayed there are the inconsistencies in his statements but also the risk of escape: the man has relatives in Holland and lately he had had repeated contacts with them. From what has been learned, he was already having a relationship with another woman: he wanted to separate from his wife, but he feared losing his assets, including the house in San Sperate, which he shared with Francesca.