From Metrocity an investment of 800 thousand euros for the restoration of the Sp109 between Bovalino and Careri


By John

The metropolitan deputy mayor Carmelo Versace, together with the councilor delegated for Public Works and the Pnrr, Domenico Mantegna, as well as mayor of Benestare, and some municipal administrators of Careri and Benestare, went to the stretch of road of the Sp 109 affected, in 2017, by a landslide which compromised its traffic. The Metropolitan City has allocated 800 thousand euros to restore the important artery that connects the municipalities of Bovalino and Careri, passing through the Canale di Benestare hamlet.

“It is a fundamental intervention”, reiterated Versace, recalling how the two communities had been waiting for a long time “for a solution to a problem that is causing quite a few inconveniences to the area”. «While someone criticizes, unexpectedly, the work of the Metropolitan City – said the deputy mayor – we open construction sites and find resources to resolve the many critical issues in the area. From now on, in fact, we will deliver the works for the restoration of the Sp 109 and it is only one of the many activities carried out by the Authority to guarantee greater safety and reliability to the complex metropolitan road network”.

«We do this – he added – by listening to the people and standing alongside local administrations, a concrete testimony of how the public interest always overcomes any political division. I congratulate the commitment and dedication shown by councilor Mantegna and, above all, by the local administrators who constantly need our strong support”.

The delegated councilor Domenico Mantegna was also satisfied and, in thanking the metropolitan mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà and deputy mayor Versace, reiterated the importance of synergistic action carried out alongside local communities: «The presence of the administrators demonstrates how precious shared work is for the relaunch of our district. United, in fact, we can achieve all goals.” «The finish line we are reaching today – she explained – allows us to invest 800 thousand euros for the reconstruction of a fundamental road. In fact, we are in the final stages of the process with the now imminent conclusion of the procurement procedure which, we hope soon, will formally lead to the delivery of the works. The citizens of Bovalino, Benestare and Careri have been waiting for the start of the construction site since 2017. We are finally here and, in a short time, we will be able to restore this important road section.”