Photo of the day: Sinner holds the umbrella for the ball girl. Here's what they said VIDEO


By John

The rain affected the semi-final between Sinner and Alcaraz: the game was suspended after three games and a restart attempt.
Sinner's gentlemanly gesture a few moments before the official suspension. In fact, the South Tyrolean took the umbrella held by her ball girl in his hand and started conversing with the girl. All until the decision to send both him and Alcaraz to the locker room. After about twenty minutes the players returned to the field and began to warm up but it was not possible to resume the match due to weather conditions.

The dialogue between the South Tyrolean and the ball girl

“Are you at the net or do you rotate around the court?” Jannik initially asked her. “I go all over the field,” she replied. Then again: “Do you come here every year?”, “It's the third year.” And finally the question that made the girl melt, who was unbalanced for the Italian tennis player. “What games did you play?” Sinner asked again. “I've been a ball boy for several tennis players before, but I was very excited to be on the court with you,” she replied, as she shyly looked away from her.