Fuel prices: “Full shock, Calabria is on its knees”


By John

Inflation remains firmly infiltrated in our lives even if its arrogance, for months, no longer seems the same. His fury is running out with an index that in July, in Calabria, fell again to +5.2% (in June it was +5.8%) after having touched +10% at the beginning of the year. The price rise curve is cooling even if household finances do not seem to fully benefit from the influence of these beneficial currents. The hoped-for improvements slide into the meat grinder of interest rates which have ended up eating up a considerable share of incomes. Not to mention the high jump in fuel prices which has generated the inevitable sting on holidays. The sting at the column is manifested by almost daily increases in petroleum products. The deterrent of the obligatory exposure of the average price evidently did not have the desired effects. According to Assoutenti, from May to August, diesel fuel recorded an increase of 5.6% while petrol stops at +4.9%. In Calabria, prices vary according to the sign and the location of the pump. Naturally, higher quotes on the A2. Of course, in Calabria there are no extreme cases such as the one reported on the A8 Milan-Varese with petrol sold at 2.7 euros per litre, but the prices are equally high. According to the Observatory of the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, 24 fuel plants are registered on the Mediterranean motorway. They range from the two in Frascineto (East and West) to the two in Villa San Giovanni. Not all the prices are updated to yesterday such as, for example, that of diesel oil from Frascineto Ovest equal to 2.363 per served which represents the highest price in Calabria on the A2 (among those updated). Much better self with 1.928 per litre. The most expensive petrol, on the other hand, is that which is dispensed in the plant on the opposite carriageway (Frascineto Est) where it costs 2.409 per served and 2.179 per self. The cheapest figure for diesel (among those updated) is at Villa San Giovanni Est with 2.116 per served and 1.899 per self. From Rogliano Est they report a diesel price per self of 1.849 per liter which would be the cheapest on the motorway network. But the communication is dated 12 August.