Fumagalli’s special day: father on the pitch and son at his first call-up with Messina. TG1 deals with it


By John

Curiosities on the sidelines of the match won by Acr Messina in Caserta. On Tg 1, in the 8pm edition, a report on the goalkeeper was broadcast this evening Ermanno Fumagalli (born 1982) and his son Jacopo (born 2005) who today received his first professional call-up, on the Messina bench. An unforgettable day for father and son who also sealed this special Sunday with the three points that the Messina players brought home.

The emotion of father Ermanno, 41 years old: “Playing with a son next to him is one of the best things a father can get from football”. The 18-year-old is happy: “I’ve been going to see my dad since I was little, today being by his side is something beautiful. I learned from him that nothing falls from the sky, it just takes a lot of effort”