Funds for the Bridge, the agenda of Leanza (PD): “Commits the Sicilian Region to challenge the 2024 State Budget”


By John

During the recent night marathon for the vote on the Regional Budget, the Sicilian Regional Assembly (ARS) approved an agenda presented by the deputy Calogero LeanzaThat commits the government of the region to challenge the State budget forecast for the 2024 financial year and the multi-year budget for the three-year period 2024-2026 before the Constitutional Court.

The agenda, accepted by the ARS, highlights the lack of agreements between the Sicilian Region and the national government regarding the programming of the Development and Cohesion Fund for the seven-year period 2021/2027. This lack of coordination is considered a violation of the constitutional principle of loyal collaboration between the different levels of government, both of which have equal institutional dignity.

In particular, the agenda underlines that no agreement has been reached between the Sicilian Region and the national Government on the programming of the Development and Cohesion Fund for the period 2021/2027. This led to the subtraction of resources intended for Sicily, amounting to approximately 2.3 billion euros, of which approximately 1.3 billion already assigned to the Sicilian Region with CIPESS resolution no. 25 of 3 August 2023.

Calogero Leanza, the deputy promoting the agenda, declared: “The government of the Sicily Region, despite being of the same political color as the national one, cannot forget to represent the interests of Sicily and the Sicilians, not of the coalition friends We believe it is essential to send a strong signal to clearly define which side we are on. We defend Sicily.”

After the ARS has accepted the agenda, it will independently evaluate how to proceed, deciding whether or not to challenge the state budget. The matter remains at the center of attention, highlighting the need for constructive dialogue and the protection of regional interests in national budget decisions.