G20, Meloni’s rift with China on the Silk Road. Here is the press point of the premier THE VIDEO


By John

«We worked for a declaration that had a specific reference to Ukraine, it was not an obvious result if we take into account that the ministerial meetings all ended without a final declaration. It’s a compromise statement but I still consider it important in this context.” The Prime Minister said it, Giorgia Meloniat the end of the G20 in New Delhi.

“I want to reiterate – said the Prime Minister – my and Italy’s congratulations to Prime Minister Modi for the success of this difficult edition of the G20. Italy has offered collaboration to the Indian presidency from the beginning, especially because we continue to be convinced that the G20 is a strategic multilateral forum to the extent that it allows dialogue with emerging countries and those of the global south”.

“In China when there will be more elements on our bilateral cooperation”

Let’s not help the self-interested narrative that would have the West divided from the rest of the world – he added -. We have shown that we are attentive to the needs of Southern countries, we do not want conflicts between Northern and Southern countries”.
“We had a bilateral with Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang, a cordial and constructive dialogue on how we can deepen our bilateral partnership,” Meloni also said. “The invitation is reiterated. As a result of these assessments we are carrying out, I intend to maintain my commitment to a visit to China. It makes more sense to go to China when we have more information on our bilateral cooperation and how to develop it”.

Silk Road: agreement not advantageous for Italy

«Having a positive framework of collaboration from an economic point of view with China, a strategic partnership desired by Berlusconi since 2004, is a fundamental element for us. We want to strengthen it, last Monday the leaders of our ministries reached many agreements with the Chinese. Therefore economic and cultural exchanges must be encouraged. Having said that, the Silk Road is a page in our relations that has not been advantageous for us, I have said this clearly to all the leaders of the Chinese government.” The Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, says this in an interview with La Repubblica. «The export data are clear and are more advantageous for Germany and France, which were not part of the Silk Road. We will naturally listen to Parliament – specifies the minister -, but the Silk Road must not be fundamental in relations with China”. «The strategic partnership must be reformed», continues Tajani, adding: «Bernini and Santanchè will soon go to China, before the visit of Meloni and Mattarella. Italy will lead the G7 in 2024, we are the second largest European manufacturer, we are allies of the Americans but we are not enemies of China.” Regarding Meloni and Salvini’s criticisms of Commissioner Gentiloni: «I think it is legitimate to criticize a commissioner. I’ve criticized a lot of them too. I hope that Gentiloni is able to have a position that is not penalizing for Italy. I know well that as European Commissioner he must not only look at his own country, but if the general interest is against Italy then something is wrong. There is no right of lèse majesté”, he underlines. Regarding the future of Fi, no agreement with Matteo Renzi at the European Championships? «We are ready to welcome independent candidates, but no list and the pivot remains Forza Italia», replies Tajani.