Gal and Consortium together for the promotion and valorisation of Pecorino del Monte Poro on an international scale


By John

Promote and make the extraordinary qualities of Pecorino del Monte Poro even better known. An excellence of our territory that deserves to be appreciated beyond the border. Not only the regional and Italian one, but on all the tables of the world. Thanks to the support of Gal Terre Vibonesi and to the financing, obtained from “Consortium for the protection of Pecorino del Monte Poro”which aims precisely at valorising this dairy product.

Vitaliano Papillo (President of Gal Terre Vibonesi): “We are really happy with this opportunity which we place ideally and practically in the hands of the Consortium with which we have been collaborating synergistically for some time around this quality supply chain. A loan through which we aim to make this all-Vibo excellence known even more and better on an international scale”

Antonio Monteleone (President of the Consortium for the Protection of Pecorino del Monte Porto): “I express my gratitude and that of all the members of the “Consortium for the protection of Pecorino del Monte Poro”, and a profound appreciation for the financing obtained and for the work carried out by Gal Terre Vibonesi, which in its programming has always placed the main objectives are the development of the territory and the valorisation of excellent products, and for the high-profile personal and professional contribution, the result of effective collaboration. We look to the future with enthusiasm and determination, aware that this financing represents an important step towards a more prosperous and vibrant territory”.