Gal “Tirreno Eolie”, the new programming starts. Three million euros available for private individuals and municipalities


By John

After having spent almost 80% of the resources in the first three years, the “Tirreno Eolie” Gal is ready to start the new programming scheduled for the 2024/29 period which makes approximately 3 million euros available to the Local Action Group. For this reason, consultations were started with public administrators and private entrepreneurs to identify the needs of the various territories.
The first meeting took place in Milazzo which was attended by the mayor Pippo Midilithe head of the Gal’s Planning Office Luigi Amatothe administrative-financial manager Piero David. The president of the Marine Protected Area was present Giovanni Manganothe president of the Lucifer Foundation Franco Scicolonethe mayor of San Pier Niceto Do-menico Nastasi and representatives of private business.

Mayor Midili, opening the proceedings, underlined the importance of this structure which welcomes 14 Municipalities and 121 private entities, giving life to a public and private partnership of notable representativeness in the territory of the metropolitan city of Messina. “In recent years we have worked well not only with the resources of the Region, but also by intercepting other funds which have made it possible to support projects and initiatives both by local authorities (Milazzo received funding for three projects) and by private individuals. Although – concluded the mayor – I hope that in the future the business culture in our area will increase and, above all, young people will get involved by taking advantage of the economic opportunities offered by the Gal”.

Amato instead focused on the activities carried out in recent years, highlighting how the company – which expresses the desire of the proponents to bring together two realities, the north-western coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Aeolian Islands – has carried out a line aimed at relaunching the tourism, food and wine sector. Above all, stimulating young businesses which, thanks to the leverage of the financial instruments of the Local Action Plan, have had benefits and with them the territory which has also grown from an economic and social point of view”.

On programming, David’s intervention was that, in confirming that for the next five years the available resources will be around 3 million, he explained that we will proceed to build a two-phase strategy focusing on the identification of needs and then the actual planning which includes different areas of intervention: tourism, innovation, biodiversity, inclusion, valorisation of the cultural and artistic heritage linked to the territory. “Applying this reasoning scheme means – concluded David – thinking of a prospect of qualitative and quantitative growth that exploits the competitive advantages already possessed by the territory”.

In closing, President Mangano brought the testimony relating to the interior launched through the Gal project for the recovery of the former barracks of Capo Milazzo which today is usable not only because we managed to redevelop the area, but also to fill it with content.
The next meeting will be held on 21 and 22 September in Lipari.