Gioia Tauro, Lirosi collapse: desperate workers. Silence of unions and institutions


By John

The situation of Lirosi, the historic transport company of the Gioia Tauro plain, is increasingly chaotic. The conditions of complexity of the different company branches are intertwined. We remind you that “Lirosi Linee” is the one that deals with transport on long-distance routes, “Lirosi Autoservice” takes care of vehicle maintenance and finally “Lirosi Autoservizi” manages local public transport. The last is the one that is still holding up due to the contract with the Region and is considered an essential public service. The economic crisis and the intervention of the Court of Palmi – bankruptcy section is however increasing anxieties especially among workersthe.

The company that has fired 23 employees in recent days is also trying to save some workers by moving to the active company branch. At the moment there are no official positions taken by the trade union organizations which on Wednesday had a table at the Region on their agenda but the risk of a collapse looms over the entire company complex with the rescue of only the workers of “Lirosi Autoservizi” who would transfer to other companies by virtue of the social safeguard clause applicable to essential public service sectors.
Meanwhile, the consumer association Adoc takes a stand and writes: «The critical situation of the Lirosi company, the historic symbol of the Piana di Gioia Tauro area, is reaching worrying levels. Adoc expresses profound solidarity with the workers involved in these dismissal procedures. It is unacceptable that they are the ones who suffer the consequences of the crisis in society. A crisis which, as confirmed by Uiltrasporti also before the regional councilor with responsibility for transport, would appear to have no immediate solutions to safeguard employment”.

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