Press review 8-03-2024 Calabria editions


By John

In this video some of the main titles of our newspaper, Calabrian editions, edited by Tiziana Caruso. Below are the others that you can read in the newspaper on newsstands today:

Family doctors are decreasing: in Calabria 135 fewer doctors by 2026


The sixth alleged smuggler from the Cutro shipwreck is also on trial


Cosenza, now it's official: Gianluca Maestri is collaborating with justice
Reggio, waste fires in Mortara. The suspects deny the accusations
Cassano Ionio, Francesco Abbruzzese receives an 8-year sentence
Davoli, aggravated extortion. 44 year old released from prison


Bergamot from Reggio Calabria, impassioned producers: “Igp immediately”
Reggio, cycle paths: a new case appears in via San Giuseppe
Gioia Tauro, Lirosi collapse: desperate workers. Silence of unions and institutions
Cessaniti, tight controls. Searches and seizures
Catanzaro, women and safety at work. The institutions come together


Corigliano Rossano, the center-right has chosen Straface. Now the Action issue remains
Psc in Catanzaro, comparison of the historic center. The requests of the Superintendency
Province of Cosenza, delegations arriving. Majority summit yesterday
Mileto, the extension to the commission casts “shadows” on the elections


Guardavalle-Parghelia postponed due to alleged attacks on guests. Salerno: the mud machine against our team
Reggio, San Sperato will have their field. Meanwhile the old cabin comes down
Cosenza, “crazy” folders and inconveniences. Citizens ask for clarification
Paediatricians, the ASP covers the gaps in Siderno and Gioiosa Jonica
Palmi, sports hall and tennis courts. Work assigned for 4 million


Waste in Reggio, towards a shared path
Crotone, reclamation and waste. Mayor Voce warns: if you change Paur, you will need stakes