Gioiese-Reggina is played in Locri: Trocini for the hat trick and continuity


By John

In the end it will be deja-vu. In the sense that the new Reggina, twenty days later (with San Luca it was September 24th), will return to play in Locri tomorrow at 3pm and will do so again against a team that has the objective of saving itself. In the end, in fact, the “Macrì” will host the match against Gioiese, considering the unavailability of the Gioia Tauro stadium.
The news was only official yesterday, just over forty-eight hours after the match. The hypothesis began to gain ground on Thursday evening, after long speculation that Palmi could host the match. The Locri facility guarantees greater capacity to accommodate the predictable and robust influx of Amaranth fans.
Once the logistical issue has been resolved, the focus can return to the field. It always has been for Bruno Trocini and his team, called to a test of maturity. After two consecutive victories, a growing condition and greater knowledge among the players, one must be able not to transform the next challenge into the classic banana peel.
The opponent is in difficulty, but will be able to take advantage of the boost that usually comes from a change of coach. Exactly like the Portici, in fact, Gioiese will challenge the Amaranths with a new coach on the bench and the memory of how good the performance of the Campania team was is fresh. Beyond a final result that ultimately smiled on the Reggio Calabria team with a pinch of luck.
Tomorrow’s challenge will be a full-scale test for the new Reggina. The primary continuity to look for is that of results, but we will also try to find it from the point of view of attitude and expressed play.
Against Licata, in fact, we saw perhaps for the first time tactical elements resulting from precise choices. The 3-4-2-1 with Barillà among the attacking midfielders, to take advantage of his skill in insertions, is a path that looks like it can be followed over time, especially if it were to confirm the effectiveness seen in the last match played at the “Granillo”.
The absence of a strong center forward, emphasized by Rosseti’s injury (which however has different characteristics), is leading Coppola to be consistently deployed at the center of the attack. The commitment of the very young striker is not lacking and today there is already his signature on one of the two victories obtained in this championship. Obviously you can’t ask for the moon from a boy from 2005, but his use allows you to free up over boxes in other positions.
Today the feeling is that around him and the other unders who did well in the last outing we will be able to build the team that will be seen on the field against Gioiese. The reference is Dervishi (born 2003) in the right lane. Cham (2005) on the left and Zucco (2004) in the middle of the field. Today at 12 Bruno Trocini’s pre-match press conference is scheduled which will also be useful to have news on the general conditions of the group.