Spezzano, thirteen Arbëreshë mayors cast a vote of no confidence in Commissioner Madeo


By John

The commissioner of the Arbëreshe Regional Foundation Ernesto Madeo «he did not prepare some statutory changes that became necessary over the years to lead the institute to the appointment of the management bodies provided for in the statute, he carried out his activity in a completely autonomous manner, going beyond the limits of his role. In fact, it is believed that the organization of events and institutional visits, in absolute freedom, without any consultation or involvement of the mayors, who are always faced with a fait accompli, does not fall within its tasks. The figure of the commissioner – write the first Italian-Albanian citizens – is proving to be highly divisive: in recent years, a strong commonality of intent and intense collaboration had been created between the mayors and the Arbëreshë communities of the province of Cosenza, with a dialogue that involved all communities, frank dialogue, without prejudice, respectful of the peculiarities of each country, in a climate of esteem and communion. Today, unfortunately, there is a change in this climate, with a commissioner who considers his own community predominant compared to others: this leads to extreme litigiousness and a situation has been created in which, we reiterate, some communities are involved and others systematically excluded from any decision regarding the Arberia”.

These are the reasons that led 13 arbëreshë mayors of the Province of Cosenza to distrust Commissioner Madeo through a letter that reached the tables of the President of the regional council, Roberto Occhiutoof the councilor with responsibility for minorities, Gianluca Gallo and the regional councilor Pasqualina Straface. The mayors of Acquaformosa, Gennaro Capparellifrom Castroregio, Alessandro Adduci, of Cervicati, Gioberto Filice, of Cerzeto, Giuseppe Rizzofrom Civita, Alessandro Toccifrom Frascineto, Angelo Catapanoof Lungro, Carmine Ferraroof San Basile, Vincenzo Tamburiof San Benedetto Ullano, Rosaria Amalia Capparelli, of San Martino di Finita, Paolo Calabrese, of Santa Caterina Albanese, Roberto Lavalle, of Spezzano Albanese, Ferdinando Nocitifrom Vaccarizzo Albanese, Antonio Pomillo they ask governor Occhiuto «to proceed with the appointment as commissioner of a regional official who implements the necessary obligations so that the Foundation can quickly equip itself with its own bodies and proceed with carrying out the normal activities envisaged by the statute».