Giunta Fiorita, here we are: here is the redistribution of powers. No PI for Monteverdi and Edilizia for Scalise

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By John

The day of the reshuffle. The mayor of Catanzaro, Nicola Fiorita, has lifted his reservations regarding the review of the powers of his “team”.

The new mandates

The deputy mayor Giusy Iemma it will also have Urban Planning, Marine Policies, Port System, Health System Report, Private Construction and Demographic Services.

Donatella Monteverdi: Culture and entertainment, Museum system, Archives, Equal opportunities, University relations and Higher education (no longer Public Education)

Marinella Giordano: Municipal Police, Urban Security, Personnel

Antonio Borrelli: Tourism, Heritage, Territorial Marketing

Raffaele Nicola Scalise: Public Works, Territory Management (no longer Private Construction)

Marina Mongiardo: Budget, Taxes

Giusy Pino: Social policies, Promotion of volunteering, Social housing, Labor policies

George Arcuri: Environment, Technological Innovation, General Affairs, Civil Protection

Nuncio Belcaro: Public education, Right to study, Sport, Sports facilities and Territory protection.

No news, therefore, on the front of the new entries already announced: George Arcuri (We Moderates) directed to the Environment, Nuncio Belcaro (Cambiavento – Fiorita area) to Sport and Public Education, Giusy Pino (external, We Moderates) to social policies. In this way, the structure would see a strengthening of the group Antonello Talerico, a faithful mirror of the enlargement of the majority with those fringes of opposition (centre-right area) which merged into its formation and into the Mixed and which already in the last municipal councils have made their numerical weight felt (although not avoiding, however, “slips” on the quorum in the classroom). After the resignation of Venturino Lazarus And Nino Cosentinothe other figure who has left the Giunta is the commissioner Aldo Casalinuovo who did not fail to express his perplexities with respect to this political operation for which, on the other hand, the mayor has repeatedly stressed that he assumes all responsibility.