Gizzeria, proposal for the regional nature reserve presented


By John

A bill was filed in the Region in recent days by Pietro Raso (Lega), regional councilor, as well as president of the Fourth Commission which deals with “Layout and use of the territory and protection of the environment”. The proposal is that of the establishment of the regional natural reserve “Laghi La Vota” of Gizzeria, a place of passage on the Gizzero coasts but much more important from a purely naturalistic and environmental point of view.
In the long document containing the proposal (with all the relevant attachments, explanatory report, scientific report, maps), theThe area is already part of a larger special conservation area, corresponding to the part of the area included in the extra-urban park “Parco Laghi La Vota” whose construction works are already underway and financed by the Calabria Region as part of the regional operational programme, within the integrated local development project “Costa degli Ulivi”. The area covers approximately 113 hectares and includes a strip parallel to the coastline that starts from the shoreline to a depth of approximately 650 meters and a length of approximately 1.7 km, below State Road 18.