Great Napoli in the second half, Monza overturned. Bologna, only a draw in Frosinone


By John

Monza-Napoli 2-4
NETWORKS: 9' pt Djuric; 10' st Osimhen, 12' st Politano, 15' st Zielinski, 17' st Colpani, 23' st Raspadori.
MONZA (4-2-3-1): By Gregory 6; Birindelli 5 (31' st Kyriakopoulos 6), Izzo 5, Marì 6.5, Caldirola 5; Akpa Akpro 6 (9' st Bondo 6), Gagliardini 5 (31' st V. Carboni 6); Colpani 7.5, Zerbin 6.5 (9' pt Ciurria 6), Mota 6 (27' pt Maldini 6); Djuric 7. On the bench: Pereira, Donati, A. Carboni, Berretta, Colombo, Sorrentino, Gori. Coach: Palladino 5.5.
NAPLES (4-3-3): Meret 6; Di Lorenzo 6.5, Rrahmani 6, Juan Jesus 5.5, Olivera 5.5 (35' st Mario Rui 6); Anguissa 6.5, Lobotka 6.5, Zielinski 7.5 (23' st Cajuste 6); Ngonge 6.5 (10' st Politano 8), Osimhen 7, Kvaratskhelia 6.5 (23' st Raspadori 7). On the bench: Ostigard, Natan, Mazzocchi, Dendoncker, Traorè, Simeone, Contini, Gollini. Coach: Calzona 7.
REFEREE: Duties of Rome 5.
NOTE: clear afternoon; playing field in optimal conditions. Napoli fans entered the U-Power Stadium in the 15th minute as a sign of protest for the results obtained so far by the Italian champions. Booked: Ngonge, Akpa Akpro, Donati (from the bench), Caldirola. Corners: 6-1 for Napoli. Recovery time: 4'; 5'.

Monza – Winning away match for Calzona's Napoli who come from behind to beat Monza at the U-Power Stadium, 4-2 in the final, and make up for the bad defeat suffered at home against Atalanta last week. Surreal atmosphere for the Azzurri, who had not achieved the three points for over a month and who had to do without their fans in the first 15 minutes of the match, who entered the stadium late as a sign of protest towards the results obtained so far. The match began in favor of the Brianza team, who took just 9 minutes to celebrate the opening goal: winning reading by Colpani for Zerbin who, from the left, crossed for the winning header by Djuric, who scored his first goal with the club shirt Monza. Having lost the deficit, Napoli tried to regroup and in the 17th minute Di Lorenzo, from the edge of the small area, failed to find the target with his right foot. The hosts suffer from the pace of their opponents who come close to scoring again in the 25th minute with Ngonge but Pablo Marì manages to deflect the ball with his body and save the result. The pressing by Calzona's men did not decrease in intensity and before the break, in the 40th minute, Pablo Marì had to overcome himself again with a defensive intervention that denied Kvaratskhelia the joy of scoring.
In the second half the Italian champions produced their maximum offensive effort and within five minutes, between the 10th and 15th minute, they overturned the result to the momentary 3-1. In the 10th minute, the usual Osimhen charges in, heading over Izzo and scoring the equalizer. Two minutes later, from the edge, the newly entered Politano catches the joker with a splendid left-footed volley, which is worth the overtaking. The one-two sends Monza into a tailspin as, in the 15th minute, they helplessly watch the ballistic prowess of Zielinski, who from distance extends the double advantage. On the ropes, Monza didn't let themselves be overwhelmed and a minute later Colpani closed the gap with a curling shot from the edge of the area, deflected by Juan Jesus, which sent Meret out of time. The pace of play imposed by Calzona's team is very high and, in the 68th minute, Raspadori (who had just come on) pounced on a short clearance from Di Gregorio and scored the goal to make it 4-2. The Azzurri are smiling again.

Frosinone-Bologna 0-0
FROSINONE (3-4-2-1): Turati 7; Okoli 6, Romagnoli 6, Bonifazi 6; Zortea 5.5, Mazzitelli 6 (40' st Garritano sv), Barrenechea 5, Valeri 5 (21' st Lirola 6); Soule 5 (40' st Cuni sv), Reinier 5 (21' st Brescianini 5.5); Cheddira 5 (34' st Seck sv). On the bench: Frattali, Ibrahimovic, Ghedjemis, Kvernadze, Baez, Kaio Jorge, Mateus Lusuardi, Cerofolini, Marchizza. Coach: Di Francesco 6.
BOLOGNA (4-2-3-1): Skorupski 6.5; Posch 6, Lucumì 6.5, Calafiori 5.5, Kristiansen 5.5 (31'st Ndoye 5); Freuler 6, Aebischer 5 (23'st Fabbian 5.5); Orsolini 6 (31' st Lykogiannis 6), Ferguson 5, Saelemaekers 5 (1'st Urbanski 5); Zirkzee 5 (36'st Castro 6). On the bench: Ravaglia, Karlsson, De Silvestri, Ilic, Bagnolini, Moro, El Azzouzi, Corazza. Coach: Motta 6
REFEREE: Orsato di Schio 6.5
NOTE: Approximately 13,000 spectators with 1000 visiting fans. Booked: Saelemaekers, Romagnoli, Kristiansen, Lykogiannis. Corners: 5-2 for Frosinone. Recovery: 1'; 4'.

Frosinone – The mountain gives birth to the classic little mouse. Frosinone and Bologna are too contracted and blocked to hope for something better. A small point moves the rankings of both, the Bologna one is excellent, the Gialloblù one is deficient but in line with the fight for salvation. Few opportunities, few shots on goal, the great heat was the protagonist. It starts immediately with Cheddira (7') who misses Calafiori with a double feint and tries the shot: Skorupski catches it at the near post. Cheddira again (10') takes advantage of an error by Calafiori but it is Skorupski who saves Bologna. Bologna's response in the 17th minute with a diagonal shot from Orsolini, the ball out. Immediately afterwards Mazzitelli tries a volley after Valeri's corner but the aim is imprecise. It doesn't go any better for Aebischer who sends the ball into the corner (23') while Frosinone tries to bite the brakes. 28th minute, corner from the right, header by Okoli, Skorupski stretches out and deflects it for a corner. At the end of the half, a shot by Orsolini was easily saved by Turati and a header by Lucumi, following a corner by Orsolini (37') with the ball on the goal. In the second half there was a thrill when Skorupski (3') missed the clearance from Calafiori's back pass but Frosinone didn't take advantage, then the music remained the same. Posch sends it out (10'), the rossoblù pick up the tone and create the opportunity to take the lead in the 22nd minute when Urbanski serves Orsolini who finishes for Aebischer who, all alone in front of Turati, shoots at the Ciociaro goalkeeper. Two unrealistic shots from Zortea (high in the 24th minute) and Mazzitelli (central in the 28th minute) so nothing more in the notebook until the 38th minute when the new substitute Castro, after a returning cross from Lykogiannis, from the left, deflects towards the Ciociaria goal : Turati blocks to the ground two steps from the white line. Lykogiannis closes Cuni (47') then Ndoye (49') would have the double sensational opportunity: he turns with his right and hits the crossbar, thanks to Turati; then, on the rebound, from a few steps he sends it sensationally high. It ends 0-0, no overtaking Juve for Motta. Di Francesco moves the rankings.