“Hands off our hospital”, Acri takes to the streets in defense of the healthcare facility PHOTO


By John

Hundreds of people marching for a right, that of healthcare, which in Calabria risks being a very rare commodity, in light of the numerous closed or undersized facilities. This is why Acri, today, was transformed into the theater of the protest which, in addition to the administrators and mayors of the district, also saw civilians involved in the very front row. Also male and female students of primary schools, male and female students of first and second grade secondary schools. All together to express their indignation and shout “no” to the sizing of the Acrese hospital.

The reasons for the protest

Mayor Pino Capalbo and the entire municipal administration promoted the public demonstration, in the central Piazza Sprovieri, against the new decree of the regional president Roberto Occhiuto on the reorganization of the hospital network. The mayor launched a harsh attack on the regional but also local centre-right, saying he was ready to challenge the regional acts. A reorganization for Capalbo which once again mortifies the territory. In fact, it is absurd for the municipal administration and for Capalbo that “While Agenas lists the Acri hospital among the best for the quality of medical health services and the ASP records the highest performance among hospitals in disadvantaged areas, the regional council forces the municipal administration to resort to the reorganization plan of the hospital network and, certainly, to appeal against the definitive approval of the provision set for April 15th”. With the new decree “bed spaces are cut in Acri, the three Obi places are not guaranteed, the oncology clinic is not opened, the anesthetist and the radiologist are not arriving and local medical services are not guaranteed”. A downsizing which, as proposed, absolutely cannot be accepted and which pushed him to invite administrators, schools, trade unions, parties, associations, traders, artisans and, in. general, all citizens, to participate in the public demonstration.