Vincenzo De Cicco new councilor for Maintenance of the Municipality of Montalto Uffugo


By John

Vincenzo De Cicco is the new maintenance councilor of the Municipality of Montalto Uffugo. Already a majority municipal councilor, with responsibility for agriculture, De Cicco is therefore joining the Executive of the government in office with this councilor appointment, ordered by the mayor Pietro Caracciolo. His appointment will obviously last until the administrative elections in June which will lead the citizens to renew, through the vote, the Montalto municipal council. With De Cicco on board, Enrica Napolitano from the “Pietro Caracciolo Mayor” list should join him as councilor. If Napolitano renounces, the seat in the Assizes would go to Patrizia Russo and so on. Meanwhile, as a result of this new entry into the council, the Caracciolo executive team is made up of Bianca Verbeni, Franco Napolitano, Franco Ferro, Francesca Zavarrone and Vincenzo De Cicco.