Harakiri Akademia, ahead 2-0, surrenders to Talmassons in game 1 of the playoff semi-final


By John

City of Messina Akademia-Talmassons 2-3
Set: 25-21; 25-15, 23-25; 25-27, 13-15
Akademia City of Messina: Battista 18, Martinelli (k, 7), Catania 3. Ciancio (l), Modestino 14, Felappi ne, Mearini ne, Payne 26, Joly 11, Rossetto 8, Maggipinto (l), Galletti 2, Michelini ne, Versace (l ) neither. Coach: Fabio Bonafede.
Talmasons: Hardeman 21, Populini 15, Blessing 5, Kavalenka 6, Grazia ne, Monaco (l) ne, Piomboni 3, Bole, Feruglio, Negretti (k – l), Eckl 17, Costantini 14. Coach: Leonardo Barbieri.
Referees: Antonio Gaetano and Christian Palumbo.

Messina – The Akademia Città di Messina is bittersweet at the end of a hard-fought game 1 of the playoff semi-final which saw Cda Talmassons emerge victorious with a comeback. The Friulian team got it back on its feet after losing the first two sets, showing a solid defense and a block that created several problems for the hosts. In between, some refereeing decisions which, especially in the middle of the fourth set, penalized the hosts, without taking anything away from the convincing performance of coach Barbieri's girls. Now Talmassons can close it on Wednesday.