He was walking around the streets of Patti with a knife in his hand: stopped by the police


By John

Intensified in the municipality of Patti the territory control activity over the past weekend. The services set up by the Messina Police Headquarters involved the police from the Patti Public Security Police Station and involved the busiest areas and those particularly sensitive to widespread crime.
There are 108 people and 45 vehicles subjected to checks; 18 subjects were subjected to restrictive measures for whom compliance with the imposed requirements was verified; 2 searches were carried out; 5 administrative sanctions were contested for a total of 2224.00 euros, three of which for violations of the Highway Code, two for violations of the legislation regulating street vending.
In this regard, there are two subjects for whom the mandatory expulsion order was decreed by Police Commissioner Ioppolo with a ban on returning to the municipality of Patti for 3 years, issued following the activity of the policemen of the Public Security Commissariat engaged in extraordinary territorial control services. An activity which confirmed the numerous precedents of the two self-styled street vendors for specific crimes against property, the irregularities in the street vendor activity carried out (selling perfumes), as well as the absence of any authorization to practice the profession. 25 packs of perfume seized.
During the investigations, a person found in possession of some doses of hashish ready to be sold and a precision scale was reported to the Judicial Authority; another person was also reported for unjustified carrying of objects capable of offending and resisting a public official and sanctioned for manifest drunkenness in a public place. The subject, in an evident state of drunkenness, he was caught walking around the streets of Patti brandishing a large knife and only the intervention of the police made it possible, with many difficulties, to hand over the weapon and avoided far more serious consequences.