Healthcare, new consultant for Pnrr and healthcare construction in Calabria: she is Licia Petropulacos


By John

“From today the doctor Kyriakoula Petropulacosknown to all as Licia Petropulacos, is my new healthcare consultant. You will deal with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan following all issues relating to healthcare and in particular you will work for healthcare construction in our Region. ” So Roberto Occhiuto, president of the Calabria Region.
“I am very happy to have Petropulacos on our team, and I thank her for choosing Calabria as her new professional adventure. Dr. Petropulacos she is the one who has built the healthcare system in Emilia Romagna over the last 10 years, leading the General Directorate for Personal Care, Health and Welfare of the Region as general director. In previous years she was, among other things, general director of the University Hospital Company of Modena, general director of the Us Company of Forlì, medical director of the USI Company of Modena, head of the Hospital Devices Service of the General Directorate of Health and Social Policies of the Emilia Romagna Region, health director of the Modena University Hospital. A high quality and highly respectable CV for an expert and courageous manager who accepted the challenge of Calabrian healthcare”.