“If he is ill and was betting, he must be treated. But if he only played blackjack…”: speaks Ibra, Tonali’s mentor


By John

“The betting affair involved Tonali? I know little about this story. Never heard this story from him, never seen him in difficulty and never seen him in pain. Then if he is sick of betting you have to help him, it’s like a drug. Unfortunately I don’t know, I didn’t think… Then you have to understand if he went to the casino, I also went to the casino. Then if he made bets on football as a professional it’s another story. But if one plays blackjack… everyone does what he wants with his money. We need to understand what the situation is like.” Former AC Milan striker Zlatan said this Ibrahimovic on the stage of Sports Festival 2023, in Trento, referring to the betting affair involving Sandro Tonali. “He arrived from Brescia, the first year he was too much of a fan. I told him: either take a step and make a difference, or remain a fan. The second year he unblocked himself, then it was already evident when he was at Brescia, but many don’t understand the difference of playing in a top club, there are different objectives and pressures”