Healthcare, Occhiuto on waiting lists: “We anticipated the government's strategy”


By John

«The government's intervention on healthcare waiting lists is positive. I am sure that the measures implemented by Minister Orazio Schillaci will bear fruit. We finally have the courage to tackle this topic head on and look for solutions to overcome it.” As Roberto Occhiuto, president of the Calabria Region, regional government commissioner for health and deputy national secretary of Forza Italia, interviewed by telephone by ANSA. «The law decree approved yesterday – added Occhiuto – confirms the quality of the work that we have undertaken in Calabria for months to try to guarantee citizens the right to benefit from specialist visits within certain and normal times».

«In our region – he underlines – we have already launched the single regional booking center last August, also online and on the App, and for several weeks now our provincial health authorities and our hospitals have been opening their health and hospital facilities. on Saturdays and Sundays with the aim of clearing the waiting lists as quickly as possible. Actions that the government supports and encourages and that Calabria has in some way anticipated. Just as we have already foreseen, another point on which the executive intervened, the involvement of accredited private individuals to insert their agendas into the regional Cup, with their respective availability for specialist visits”. «It is clear that the work to be done to eliminate the waiting lists – concluded President Occhiuto – has just begun, both in our region and at a national level. But finally, after years of inaction, we have a national government that is trying to build a strategy to solve a problem that has decades of roots. However, the controversies of the oppositions who in many years at Palazzo Chigi have never addressed this thorny issue and who now contrast the first facts with only useless chatter and sterile polemics make us smile.”