Healthcare, the infinite wait (and patience). The desolate picture of the structures in Reggio and its province


By John

The fire at the hospital in Tivoli, Lazio, puts the spotlight back on the deficient structural situation of healthcare facilities in our metropolitan area too. The “journey” that we propose today has only one common thread: waiting. Waiting to have modern and functional structures, waiting to use the huge sums that are there, waiting for better services. Unsafe gatherings Let’s start with the biggest project underway for many years and which concerns the construction of the new Morelli hospital. It would be an epochal turning point for healthcare in Reggio and Calabria, with funding of over 200 million made available by Inail. An intervention that would allow us to overcome the precarious situation of the hospital.

The current main headquarters of the Reggio hospital is not up to standard. Despite the multiple modernization interventions implemented in recent years, the structure remains old as it was built in 1920 and is no longer able to handle a very important influx of patients which is increasing compared to the past, given the simultaneous closure of many community medicine facilities in the metropolitan area. The wait has been going on for years for the new hospital, but the administrative procedures have not yet been completed.
The waste of the ASP Dilapidated structures, a lot of money spent, community homes still unbuilt and funds that are systematically re-proposed with each update and approval of the three-year public works plan. The picture at the provincial health authority is worrying. The most emblematic case comes from the closure of part of the former “Scillesi d’America” ​​hospital in Scilla. It was September 2022 when the then commissioner of the ASP decided to close it after the analyzes by Invitalia preparatory to the awarding of the works for the construction of the health center, which had «confirmed the high level of degradation of the structures investigated , whose concrete resistance values ​​are far below those required by law, such as to require restoration and consolidation works necessary to bring the safety level back to the minimum requirements established by current regulations”.