Province of Vibo: the discussion on the Budget has been postponed and 5 councilors write to the prefect


By John

Five provincial councilors have presented an application to the Prefect of Vibo Valentia with which they ask for the restoration of the democratic order violated on the occasion of the suspension of the council on 8.8.2023 having the 2023-2025 budget forecast on the agenda. The councilors retraced what happened in detail, giving reasons for their request. They also pointed out to His Excellency the state of paralysis in which the Organization finds itself since the President does not have a political majority. Today, in fact, the offices find themselves operating without resources and they are clamoring for the need and urgency to approve the budget. The traffic office, for example, does not have the resources to intervene on the road network, even with minor interventions. This jeopardizes the safety of citizens and denotes an insensitive attitude of the President as well as a clear ineffectiveness of the political action implemented.

This is what the councilors read in a press release Alessandro Lacquaniti, Giuseppe Leone, Domenico Tomaselli, Vito Pirruccio and Elisa Fatelli.

“A few days ago the President of the Province appeared in the press as if to minimize what happened and to justify himself. He probably didn’t quite understand the reality, that is, today the institution is paralyzed due to the failure to approve the budget. What happened is very serious because the President did not give the “opportunity to discuss” the agenda, how can he talk about non-approval of the budget and even resignation? We have the feeling that things being this way, the discussion of the budget will not even take place within on September 15. You don’t manage an institution with marginal considerations, with silence and with “aplomb”. This being the case, however, it seems that the President’s only concern is to care more for his seat than for the good of the Body. We therefore ask his Excellency the Prefect to take note of what is to take the measures he deems most appropriate”.