Here is the new C series: among many big names, confirmations and… (at least) an “X”. Crotone-Messina on 29 October, derby with Catania on 10 December THE CALENDAR


By John

The Board of Directors of Lega Pro, in the meeting held today, has approved the composition of the groups in the Serie C championship for the 2023/2024 football season. The teams that will participate in group C are as follows: MessinaAudace Cerignola, Avellino, Benevento, Brindisi, Catania, CrotonFoggia, Giugliano, Juve Stabia, Latina, Monopoli, Monterosi Tuscia, Picerno, Potenza, Sorrento, Taranto, Turris, Virtus Francavilla, X*.

* For the match on the first day of the championship played by the team indicated to date in the group grouping as company X, the postponement of the same will be granted at the request of the club. The Executive Council of Lega also examined the possible scenarios that could arise from the acceptance of appeals, possibly presented to the Council of State, with the aim of not prejudicing the interests and expectations of all companies for a correct and timely scheduling of competitive activity, and resolved that: 1) In the event of a possible decision by the Council of State involving the need for the readmission of two clubs to Serie B and the consequent repechage of two clubs to Serie C, the structure of deliberated rounds and subsequent calendars will not change, but the first “rescued” club in Serie C will simply be inserted as the twentieth team in Group C (where, currently, team X is indicated in the group grouping) and the second “rescued” club in series C it will take over the position of the second company that will be readmitted in series B, in the group group of the latter.

Zauli, all. Crotone: “Nothing but an easy debut”

“The debut won’t be the easiest given that we will meet Catania, a noble team that is preparing an important squad, therefore an ambitious team that will try to start off strong right away. Later Turris will come to Scida and then we will visit Virtus Francavilla, opponents who know the category very well. Then the double round at home against last year’s revelation Cerignola and Sorrento which, despite being newly promoted, is always a difficult team. Having said that, I want to underline that there are no “easy” games or matches with a predictable result and we saw it last year too, all teams can hide pitfalls at any time of the season. We will continue to work with high intensity as we have been doing since the beginning of the match and for now our goal is to do well in the next Coppa Italia match against Cremonese”.