Catanzaro, the Cathedral and San Giovanni towards recovery. Thus two symbols of the capital are reborn


By John

The monumental complex Saint John and especially the Cathedral can count on significant funding that can be used for the substantial maintenance works that both structures need. The Undersecretary of the Interior, Wanda Ferro, had already announced it on Friday: Viminale and Infrastrutture intend to take charge of the interventions on the two works by supporting the municipal structure with 514 thousand euros and the Cathedral of the regional capital with 6 million. The double funding is the result of the collaboration between institutions, from the Municipality, to the Superintendency for Public Works, from the Archaeological, Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendence of Catanzaro and Crotone, to the Ministry of the Interior which, in a short time, has allowed the achievement of a relevant goal for the city.

As far as the San Giovanni monumental complex is concerned, the Municipality has presented a redevelopment project for the structure with particular attention to the critical issues related to water and humidity infiltrations which have been afflicting both the exhibition area and the one housing the historical archive for years municipal. Furthermore, the funding will make it possible to intervene on the heating and cooling systems that have practically not worked since at least 2021.
The funding for the Duomo, on the other hand, promises to guarantee the Superintendence the realization of the most ambitious project among those possible in the aftermath of the collapse of some parts of the internal plaster which in 2018 had led to the closure of the church for worship.