How is life in cities? In Messina… better


By John

In Italian cities, the share of the population satisfied with life in their city in 2023 is generally high and is above 80%. The minimum value is recorded in Taranto (47.8%) and the maximum value in Trento (95.4%). This is what emerges from the “Quality of life in European cities” survey, conducted by the European Commission with the contribution of Istat in a selection of European cities, with the aim of comparing the data of the 26 Italian cities considered in the survey (2023 edition ) to 59 other cities in the European Union.
Based on the study, in six Italian cities there are very high percentages of the population satisfied with living in their city (above 90%) and they are: Trento, Trieste, Cagliari, Bergamo, Brescia, Bolzano. Trento, in particular, also ranks first in the European ranking (85 cities).
Rather low shares of the Italian population believe that the quality of life has improved in the last five years. Bari and Messina are exceptions. In Bari, in particular, over half of the population (53.1%) believes that the quality of life in the city has improved in the last five years. This is one of the best results recorded at European level. In Messina, the percentage is more contained, but still significant (43.5%). Messina, however, appears in the lower part of the ranking (the last fifteen cities) in the indicators regarding the level of satisfaction of elderly people, families with children, homosexuals and immigrants. All groups of people in which only a minority believes that the city is a good place to live.