“I defended myself and stabbed them.” Thus the butcher from Reggio accused of manslaughter for a robbery


By John

“I defended myself. I saw those people in my house, it was clear that they had stolen, we had a fight and I stabbed them.” This is the summary that emerges from the interrogation held this afternoon before the Reggio investigating judge, Giovanna Sergi, as part of the hearing to validate the police arrest ordered against the 48-year-old butcher, Francesco Putortì, that on Monday morning while he was returning to his home, in the hilly hamlet south of Reggio, Croce Valanidi, he found himself in front of two people, perhaps three, who were rummaging through his possessions and belongings and had already ransacked drawers and wardrobes at the search for money and precious objects. In fact, Francesco Putortì reiterated the first version of the facts given to the Public Prosecutor Nunzio De Salvo and to the investigators of the Carabinieri and the Flying Squad. He is currently being charged with manslaughter. His trusted lawyers, Giulia Dieni and Maurizio Condipodero, have formally requested the revocation of the precautionary detention measure in prison.