'Ndrangheta in Reggio, news leak in the “Arangea” investigation? Investigators: “No internal responsibilities have been identified”


By John

A possibility emerges news leak during the “Arangea” investigation started in 2019, which this morning led eleven people to prison and a twelfth to house arrest, for the crimes of mafia association, extortion, fictitious registration of goods and weapons. During the press conference held at the provincial police headquarters by the head of the district attorney's office, Giovanni Bombardierifrom the added, Walter Ignazittoby the provincial commander, gen. Cesario Totaro and by the commander of the operational unit, lieutenant col. Valerio Palmierifrom the interceptions of the comments of the suspects, their caution emerges as “alleged information from police sources” they received indicated an ongoing investigation against them.

«All the necessary checks were carried out – the magistrates and investigators of the Carabinieri specified – in synergy with the other police forces, but no responsibilities have been identified regarding alleged reports to arrested people from within the police force».

«The investigation – said the prosecutor Bombardieri – is the result of typical investigative actions, of environmental and instrumental interceptions, cross-referencing of information reports and complaints presented by operators who ended up in the crosshairs of the gang». Demetrio Palumbo75 years old, convicted felon released after 30 years of imprisonment for facts linked to the 'Ndrangheta war that exploded in Reggio Calabria from 1985 to 1991, for the investigators, he is the catalyst of today's group of arrested people, very close to the Croce Valanidi gang led by the Latella-Ficara.

The role of Demetrio Palumbo

Released from prison at the end of his sentence in 2016, Palumbo tries to rebuild the 'ndrina in the Arangea neighborhood with the support of those arrested. «The suspects – said Giovanni Bombardieri – imposed their sweeping control over the territory, with requests for hiring in the large-scale food distribution sector, bribes on public contracts, forced supplies to operators of their choice, as in the case of a trader who was supplied by a wholesaler in another neighborhood of the city, who was forced to obtain supplies from one of their reference wholesalers”.

The ancient gang frictions of Valanidi and Arangea

The investigation also highlights ancient frictions between the Valanidi and Arangea gangs, on the one hand, with the “competitors”, and confined, 'ndrine of Pellaro, led by the Barrecas, whose criminal interests are conventionally traced geographically by the bridge on the Valanidi Torrent, chosen as a symbolic border that separates the territories of influence and the criminal interests of the two clans. «We have verified – said Deputy Ignazitto – attempts to cross the borders of the two territorially close groups, which were followed by discussions and clarifications to avoid probable conflicts. Furthermore, the circumstantial framework – Ignazitto continued – offers a glimpse of a disturbing reality that we thought closed at least 30 years ago, with the resumption of affiliation rites, meetings for the attribution of top positions, such as the chief accountant and the company leader, initiatory rites that many collaborators of justice now considered a legacy of the past”. The following ended up in prison: Antonio Autolitano (cl.53), Antonio Autolitano (cl.88), Saverio Autolitano, Vincenzo Autolitano, Antonino Ficara, Carmelo Gullì, Domenico Modafferi, Luigi Musolino, Antonino Palumbo, Demetrio Palumbo and Sebastiano Praticò. Finally, Pasquale Federico is under house arrest. The investigators subjected three companies to preventive seizure: Eurocart, from Morabito Giuseppe; NG Citrus and “Bergamotto”, owned by Serena Fortugno, all operating in Reggio Calabria.