Ilaria Salis in court for the first time without chains. The judge reveals her domicile: her father protests. A victim of the attack does not recognize the accused


By John

She arrived at court in a taxi with her parents and for the first time she was not brought to the courtroom in handcuffs and with shackles around her ankles. Ilaria Salis, the 39-year-old Italian activist on trial in Budapest on charges of attacking far-right militants. Salis quickly entered among journalists and the group of her friends, including Zerocalcare, who were waiting for her outside the court.

During the third hearing of the trial against the Milanese activist the judge Josef Szos revealed the address where Ilaria Salis has been serving house arrest since yesterday. Her father's protest was immediate Roberto Salis who turned towards the Italian ambassador Manuel Jacoangeli telling him that “something must be done”. The defense lawyer Gyorgy Magyar he stated that “the address should not be revealed, in fact protected and should not be included in the minutes”.

“There is enormous protection for the person attacked, who is Hungarian, and then Ilaria's domicile is revealed. It is an unacceptable system, I don't think it is a fair trial”: this is what Roberto Salis said during a break in the trial in charge of his daughter Ilaria underway in Budapest. “The request to adjourn the trial until we have all the documents in Italian and we will make the appropriate protests on this too was also rejected”, he concluded.

During the hearing Zoltan Toth, the first witness heard as an injured party in the trial against the 39-year-old Italian activist in Budapest did not recognize Ilaria Salis among her attackers. In another classroom connected with a disguised voice, Toth explained that on February 10, 2023, at the exit of a post office, I was attacked from behind by people who had their faces covered and therefore I was unable to recognize any of them. They didn't say anything and I don't know if they were men or women.” «Before entering the post office – he said – a woman with blond hair called me and asked me if I was taking part in the Day of Honor and I said no. I entered the post office and on leaving I was attacked. They hit me on the head and I fell to the ground trying to protect my face. I didn't understand anything, I was sick, I tried to sit down and they sprayed me in the face.” Toth explained that he is part of an association that protects Hungarian values ​​and that “I was probably attacked because of my clothing.” “I still suffer from the attack, even now I am psychologically affected by what happened,” he concluded, asking for compensation of 10 million Hungarian forints.